Our Service

3D Interactive model viewer

Having worked with your plan specifications, we will email you a link to an interactive, annotated 3D model of your home for you to navigate through as seen here.
This enables you to see your plans as they will look when the house is built. 

You can then make decisions on the design and layout and get back to us with requested changes. We will change the model to your recommendations and upload the fresh model for you to view. Once you’re satisfied with the design, we give you plans to take to the architect.

What you get:

An online 3D model for you to view the building interactively. We can provide you with either a base model or with an advanced model. The advanced model includes both interior and exterior views as if using a drone. 

Download to Your Mobile Phone or Tablet

The link we will send to you allows you to download the application to your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. 

You can use your phone or tablet as Virtual Goggles to view 360° of each room in the house in an extremely high quality render. Simply move the phone or tablet around to view the room and line up the small white dot with a “Hot Spot” to navigate through the building.
Send this link to your mobile or tablet:

The Complete Virtual Reality Experience

We can instruct and guide you through a Virtual Model as if you are in the actual building you have designed.

The experience is a unique chance to make important decisions on your plans and change them before actual construction.

To use Virtual Reality and give you access to the best tool for informed choices on designing your new build we have four options:

  1. Use one of our Virtual Reality rooms at our base in Gweedore, Donegal.
  2. We can come to you and set up Virtual Reality in the comfort of your own private space.

Building Montages

We offer a “building on site” montage service. We build your 3D model from 2D plans and add it to an actual photograph of your site. This can be used for planning applications, advertising, to test angled positioning of the building and also for your own visualisation.

More examples on request