Going to Selfbuild?

Use our Virtual Reality FREE to view your New Build Designs! At Self Build Exhibition 2018, Dublin.

Order a 3D Digital model of your new build design from us (€240 Typical plan) and you can experience walking through your building in Virtual Reality at our stall in the Selfbuild Exhibition, Dublin in September!!

Send us your plans as soon as you can so we can have your model ready and waiting for you at our stall.
We can give you a consultation as described below which gives you the option of making the changes you need from experiencing a “Digital Twin” of the actual build.

Contact us for more details on 089 247 9088
email: info@designyourbuild.com
or through the this website.

Virtual Reality

Using the complete Virtual Reality Experience

We can instruct and guide you through a Virtual Model as if you are in the actual building you have designed.
The experience is a unique chance to make important decisions on your plans and change them before actual construction.

To use Virtual Reality and give you access to the best tool for informed choices on designing your new build we have four options:

  1. Visit our stall at the Self build Exhibition in Dublin on the 14th-16th September 2018.
  2. Come along to our Virtual Reality demonstrations (keep an eye on facebook): Facebook
  3. Use one of our Virtual Reality rooms at our base in Gweedore, Donegal.
  4. We can come to you and set up Virtual Reality in the comfort of your own private space.
Building Design with Virtual Reality

What you get:

The full Virtual Reality Experience.
Once you’re satisfied with the design, we give you plans to take to the architect.