Virtual Teic

Virtual Teic’s services are aimed at architects, developers, builders, estate agents, people building their own home and anyone else involved in the building and construction industry. In this era of BIM compliance, we believe that we are offering a service that will be an added benefit to coincide with the building services that are already out there.

Our system comprises building the model from plans, of any kind of building project, by creating a 3D computer model that can be used to check and test the design for suitability as well as other solutions.


Virtual Reality. The next big evolutionary change in technology after the internet, mobile phones and gaming is now here and more accessible all the time. In the construction Industry BIM has become an important system that will ultimately be used in all construction.

Our aim is to give you and your customers a representation of their potential building or house design so that they can see it before construction begins, this way they can view the design better instead of, after it’s built, saying “oh I thought this room would have been bigger” or “That window is too small for that view”!

Virtual Teic V R Models